As the last of the Greatest Generation approach their final curtain call, we are witnesses to tremendous loss as we embrace a precious opportunity.  

Over 800 World War II veterans die every day. They take their stories, history, and enormous bravery with them. 

But many are still among us. The time to act is NOW! In another 5-7 years almost all of our World War II veterans will be gone.

Honor Flight South Florida is a 100% volunteer effort.  All of us, our Board, our Committees, the whole platoon are all volunteers.  None are paid.  All of the money we raise goes directly toward flying veterans to Washington D.C.

We welcome anyone with a heart for honoring veterans. We need your support in all areas.  It takes dozens of volunteers working tirelessly together to have a successful Honor Flight.

If your heart is telling you to get involved, then "join the cause". Our volunteers donate their talents and services in a variety of ways.

• Flight Day Airport Support
• Departure & Arrival Set-up
• Homecoming Rally Support (signs, banners & MORE!)
• Printing Services
• Medical Services and Supplies
• Writers of Veteran Biographies
• Mass Mailing Support
• Design Services
• Web Site Support
• Veteran/Trip Day Coordinators
• Guardians
• Administrative Support
• Organizing Community Fund raisers & much more!

Click below to find out how you can become a part of this amazing experience.  Plan to attend our next Volunteer Corps meeting.  Spread the word, everyone is welcome!  
For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact us. 

Click HERE to inquire about how you can join our Volunteer Corps

Volunteer for the Cause