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Below and on the next few pages are words of thanks from the Veterans
and Guardians after their special Honor Flight day in Washington DC.

Dear Mercy and Bev:

I want to thank you and all the others associated with the Honor Flight yesterday, September 23.  It was my distinct honor to serve as an Elite Guardian to Elliott Waxman, a World War II veteran.  This was an experience that I will never forget.  However, the honor to be on the flight with so many heroes was overwhelming.  It was particularly rewarding to be with the other 70 Vietnam Veterans, veterans who served their country but never got recognized.  Coming through the terminal last night and having those there say thank you and extend their hands was an experience missing for 48 years.  I feel this finally allowed me and others to bring closure to the experience of Vietnam.  On behalf of all the Vietnam Veterans in the group, I feel this experience is one we will always remember.  Please extend our thanks and appreciation for what you did and accomplished to all the staff of the Honor Flight South Florida.

I hope other Vietnam Veterans will be able to share the experience that we did.

Barry Goldin


Thank you and the staff at Honor Flight South Florida for the planning and the execution of Honor Flight Mission 1941 & 1945 on September 23, 2017. 

I am so impressed with the entire experience, beginning with the application process; the many very informative emails; the Honor Guardian orientation; the detailed honor flight agenda; the complete rescheduling of the flight due to Hurricane Irma; the check in process at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport with breakfast; the three water cannon salutes; the four buses; the amazing police escorts who literally cleared the highways for us to travel throughout the very busy roadways without any delays (we truly felt like we were all special VIP’s); the planned meals on the buses and aircraft; mail call; and finally the unbelievable greeting/celebration upon our return to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport.  I was visibly shaken and words cannot describe how honored, thankful and at the same time I felt humbled by the large number of friends and complete strangers who made us feel welcomed and loved.

I will always remember this once in a life time very moving, life-changing experience.  I am thankful that God blessed me by allowing me to be a part of this Honor Flight Mission.  If it wasn’t for my church honoring veterans on July 4th, I would never have learned of you or Honor Flight.

Again, thank you for all you do to Honor our Veterans.

God Bless,
Bill Ripple

Hi Bev. This is Lori Storm, daughter of Burt Stavitsky.

I just wanted you to know that my dad said this was the best day of his life and his guardian Michael was phenomenal and will be his friend for life .  

Thank you again and everyone at Honor Flight South Florida for making this a success.

Lori Storm


I will write you a more appropriate hand-written thank you, but knowing how busy the next few weeks are for me I wanted to make sure I got something brief off to you in the meantime.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to go on the Honor Flight on September 23.  It was a great experience and I was happy that I could be a part of it and help even in the small ways that I did. 

I say it all of the time, but I volunteer with a lot of organizations through the kids activities and I have never experienced a volunteer-run organization as professional and organized as HFSF.  The fact that you had to recover from the hurricane and postponed flight, and pulled this flight together in two weeks time and it still went off without a visible hitch is incredible to say the least. 

I continue to be awed by everything everyone involved with Honor Flight South Florida does and truly appreciate it!

Thank you again.


To Honor Flight South Florida:

I would like to say to all those hard working volunteer workers who made my trip to Washington such an enjoyable event
To honor all the World War II veterans along with the Korean War vets was quite an undertaking when you consider all the logistics and coordination in putting this trip together. I was moved so much by this experience, that I will never forget this wonderful opportunity to visit all the war memorials along with the changing of the guard at our National Cemetery.

The coming home flight with Mail call and the reception at the airport was something that brought tears to my eyes.

I had a wonderful Vietnam veteran assisting me on the trip. What a great Idea to also honor those who served in Vietnam.

Again a big thank you to all those who give of their time and experience to such a wonderful project of honoring all those who served their country so long ago.

My best wishes for your continued success in continuing all your good work.

George P. McArdle
Korean War Navy Veteran

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank, the entire Honor Flight Staff.

The continued efforts that you make, to bring a sense of pride and respect to military Veterans is above the call of duty!

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve as the Ambassador to the Elite Guardians, and on my behalf thank you.

If I may be of continued service to your organization, regarding any endeavor or future projects. Please know, that I'm available to assist you.

I have spoke to the Director/Producer of Silver Dove Films, who is making the movie "Wounded Heroes" featuring The life of SSgt. Stormy Matteo.

I've requested on my behalf to ensure that the Honor Flight of South Florida, Inc be one of the five recipients, that are given a portion of the movie proceeds.

Please accept this offer of gratitude on my behalf and the Elite Guardians.

Again, from all of the Veterans, Thank you!

Semper Fidelis

Thomas "Stormy" Matteo

Dear Volunteer Staff of Honor Flight South Florida:

Words fail me to express my deepest and heartfelt appreciation for everything that was done to thank us for our service to our country.   Every detail was for our comfort and even the response from bystanders was amazing—from children to older adults as well.
The homecoming welcome was overwhelming.  Thanks to all who played any role in making this day memorable.

 May God bless each one of you-abundantly,
 Cpl. David F. Condreay